Welcome to Manucycle Inc.


Our mission

Educate businesses & consumers on the Circular Model, incentivize them to connect with their local Circular Economy, and create a more sustainable ecologically sound supply chain.

The problem

Due to a lack of infrastructure to connect those who want to divert waste materials and goods, Canada has ended up with one of the largest carbon footprints per capita in the world. Over 90% of our divert waste does not get cycled back into the economy and instead end up in landfills; meaning new resources need to be extracted more often for the domestic goods we use than most countries on the Planet.

A lack of incentive, traceability, and transparency, paired with high barriers of entry for alternative methods, have created the perfect storm where more profitable & consequential conventional methods are still primarily used in waste management.

The wholesale trashing of perfectly serviceable, and in most cases, usable materials and goods is an unethical, unecological, and economically unsustainable way to continue the way we manufacture and produce our goods.

What we do.

Manucycle enables reverse logistics in manufacturing and production by being a "hands-off inventory" marketplace for buyers & sellers of second life materials to transact & collaborate. Our upcoming carbon tracing program will also measure the impact of each transaction.
We believe our platform can strengthen supply chains significantly, increase sustainability, and create new market opportunities.

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Who we are.

Our team is a growing group of individuals dedicated to the well being of the environment, and are in search of innovative solutions to help entice businesses to do their part in saving Our Planet.

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How we'll do it.

Ideation to Actualization; our organizations journey to how we got here, who helped us, and how we will get where we need to go.

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